Free method to read Google Play Books (ACSM) on Kobo eReader EBook Google Play Books Kobo eReader 2022-02-23

Books on Google Play is Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected by default to prevent unauthorized sharing of ebooks. If you want to read a DRM-enabled ebook on Kobo eReader, you must remove the DRM protection.

Download the book from Google Play Books

  1. Go to https://play.google.com/books, click the “3 dots button” and click “Export”

    • DRM-enabled books larger than 128 MBs can’t be made available for download from Google Play.

    Remove DRM Steps 01

  2. Select “Export ACSM for EPUB”

    Remove DRM Steps 02

  3. File downloaded (in .acsm format)

    • e.g. /Document/mybook.acsm
  4. If your ebook is not DRM protected, the popup would look like that:

    Remove DRM Steps 03

Get EPUB from Adobe Digital Editor

  1. Adobe Content Server Message (ACSM) **file is not an eBook format. Instead, it is a downloader file that let you download the ebook** in Adobe Digital Editions. The downloaded ebook (usually is a .epub file) will be stored on your local drive.

  2. Install Adobe Digital Editor

    • Set the document location (e.g. My Document)

    • You would see a folder is created

      Remove DRM Steps 04

  3. Open Adobe Digital Editor

  4. Authorise the computer to download and read the DRM protected ebook

    • IMPORTANT!!! This step is like claiming who is the owner of this ebook. Of course, you can still read the ebook on Google Play either way.
      • With Account ID: you can only allow one account to download the ebook, while you can use the same account on up to 6 devices.
      • Without Account ID: you can only allow downloading the ebook on this device. You can’t even reauthorize the ebook to the same device.
  5. Select File > Add to library OR drag the .acsm file to Adobe Digital Editor

    • the readable ebook will popup
  6. epub file is downloaded in the Document folder

    Remove DRM Steps 05

Remove DRM

  1. The epub is still DRM protected so the Kobo eReader can not read it

  2. Install Calibre (latest version 5.38) download link / github link

    • It is an open source e-book manager
    • Set document location
  3. Install plugin “DRM_tool” for removing DRM (latest version: 7.2.1) download link / github link

    • Download .zip

      • extract it

      • there should be a “DeDRM_plugin.zip” and other files

        Remove DRM Steps 06

    • Open Calibre

      • Click Preferences > Preferences

        Remove DRM Steps 07

      • Click Plugins

        Remove DRM Steps 08

      • Click Load plugin from file

        Remove DRM Steps 09

      • select the DeDRM_plugin.zip

        Remove DRM Steps 10

      • Install successfully

        Remove DRM Steps 11

        Remove DRM Steps 12

      • Restart Calibre

  4. Remove DRM

    • Drag the epub file to Calibre

    • Successfully load into the booklist

      Remove DRM Steps 13

    • Go to the Calibre Document folder

    • A folder with the DRM removed epub is generated

      Remove DRM Steps 14

    • If you forgot where is the Calibre Document folder, you can still right-click the book > Save to disk > Save to disk

      Remove DRM Steps 15

    • A folder with the DRM removed epub is generated

      Remove DRM Steps 16

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